About Us


In the midst of the complexity of our times, we are a community of young individuals driven by a pursuit of freedom, a willingness to break boundaries, and a passion for life. We understand that every moment is an opportunity for self-expression, and every choice is a defining decision for our individuality.

And so, we founded this brand, infusing a unique attitude into every design. Our inspiration is drawn from the pulse of the city, the vibrancy of street culture, and the nuances of everyday life. It's not just about fashion; it's a celebration of life, a quest for an independent spirit.

Our products go beyond mere clothing; they embody a way of life. Each jacket pays homage to the spirit of adventure, every hoodie carries a unique story, and each pair of pants represents an aspiration for freedom. Our shoes are crafted for comfort and seamlessly blend quality with design, becoming a fashionable statement with every step. Accessories serve as a pop of color, illuminating the overall style and showcasing individuality and taste.

Our design philosophy stems from functionality, dark aesthetics, and a distinctive expression of personality. Every product is meticulously designed and crafted, dedicated to creating a uniquely personalized style that radiates charm in every moment.



Our mission is to inspire young individuals to dare to dream, break free from constraints, and express their personalities in a liberated and distinctive manner. We believe that fashion is a means of self-expression, a courageous departure from the norm, and a passport to showcasing a free spirit on the streets.

Through our products, we aim to ignite the courage in everyone to take risks, pursue authenticity, and uphold their unique style. We seek not only external fashion but also an internal sense of freedom and independence. Our brand symbolizes those who refuse mediocrity, those who boldly break through boundaries.

We commit to continuous innovation, ceaseless breakthroughs, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. We stand with you, co-creating a fashion wave that belongs to us, fearlessly displaying the true self. In this journey, join us in experiencing the passion of life, exploring the possibilities of the unknown, because we believe that everyone is a designer of life, and every moment deserves to be interpreted in a unique way.



Register Number: 3345594
Company Address: RM D07,8/F,KAI TAK FTY BUILDING, NO. 99 KING FUK STREET, SANPOKONG,KOWLOON HONG KON (this is not a returning address)